Rodizio À La Carte by the pound:


Lombo de Porco
pork loin, seasoned with chille, lime,
onion, garlic and oregano
$8 per 8 oz

Presunto de Abacaxi

rotisserie black forest ham, glazed with apple cider,
pineapple juice, honey and rosemary

$5 per 8 oz.

Cohaque Cordeiro

marinated lamb in white wine, brandy, mint, sage,

garlic, onion, bay leaf
$16 per 8 oz.

Alcatra Mustard Sirloin

hand cut, lightly seasoned with mustard and salt

$16 per 8 oz.


cross cut, lightly salted, heavily marbled steak

$l2 per 8 oz.


hand cut, Piedmontese fat back sirloin,
lightly salted and thinly sliced to perfection

$l4 per 8 oz.

Fradinha (beef bottom sirloin)

Lightly Salted
$15 per 8 oz.

*Consuming raw or under-cooked meat
may increase risk of food born illness*

Rodizio À La Carte by the piece:


Filé com Bacon

tender filet mignon bites wrapped in bacon and

individually skewered
$2 Per Piece

Coracão de Frango

Brazilian style garlic marinated chicken hearts

$7 Per 20

Coxa de Frango

full sized drumsticks marinated in IPA, sage,
marjoram, and oregano
$2 Per Leg


traditional stgle, pork, beef and pepper hand stuffed sausag

$2 Per Sausage

Frango com Bacon

tender chicken breasts, hand rolled in bacon
and Individually skewered
$2 Per Piece


rotissene hand peeled prawns, marinated in garlic, butter and lemon pepper
$12 for 18

Salad Bar

(when added to À La Carte Items)

Choice of 3 salads or hot dishes $12
Unlimited Salad Bar $19

Á La Carte meals come with unlimited pineapple,

garlic rolls, and polenta.